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Big data analytics for Global Investment Bank


Our client was in the early stages of evaluating what value data analytics could bring to the bank and also how and where to invest to bring maximum reward.

  • Although some departments had some data analytics capability, there was no standard enterprise-wide data platform or analytics technology set
  • There were no standard processes and procedures to access data securely with the necessary business and data approvals
  • There was limited understanding as to how to extract value from data analytics and how to make the repetitive


We built out a technology roadmap and led a mixed internal and external implementation team to build out the core platform, comprised of

  • A big-data platform running on Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution
  • A range of data ingest approaches for static and streaming data
  • A suite of operational management tools
  • A range of analytics tools including Datameer, Hive, Pig, Pentaho, and Spark
  • A user-facing data catalog providing summaries of data, data attributes and providing an entry point to approval workflow